The patent introduces the following news: intellectual creation applied to industrial production. The industrial system, regularly patented at the Italian competent organisation (n. BA2006A00000016) creates new opportunities for industry and consumers, for unique original valuable products where consumers too are involved in the creative process. The invention is the removable application system of an artwork on a fixed bearing on an industrial product (clothes, accesories, sofas, furniture etc.) Through a system of locking, artworks (of different sizes and shapes) are blocked into a «frame» on the cloth or object, protecting and integrating the two parts. The main feature is the interchangeability of artworks that can be put in the frames. It should be noted that the WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, found the idea new, original and lawful, so that it recognized it as a patent and not only as utility model. The distinction implies that the idea is completely new (and not just an improvement of something already existing); this means that the patent is protected and legally exclusive for 20 years (double period compared with the utility model system), giving a competitive atout against potential competitors.


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Furniture, design, clothing can be now customized with original artworks that can be used interchangeably through a removable application system of canvases, fabrics, etc.



Nartist® brings you to an emotional fascinating interactive experience



The Prodotti d’Autore collections are in progress at the moment. Frame artworks give interchangeability to Prodotti d’Autore that result exclusive and with no limits in customisation.



A new way of living art as a daily experience

Some prototypes of this innovative concept

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